How to Fill Out a College Application Letter Form


Christine S. Baker
May 11th, 2009

Filling out a college application is an important part of the admission process. Some points that students must remember before doing the application forms are that they are not completed solely by the students. These forms need at least one recommendation from a teacher, counselor or other adult and official copies of test scores need to be sent to the college from the testing authority. Also, students must remember that they must allow enough time to the other people involved in the process to carry out their work and they must have enough time to review the forms to make sure all information and documents are included and submit it to the college by mail before the deadline.

Steps to Fill Out College Application Form

The general steps to start filling out a college application form include writing clearly and using block letters, keeping a photocopy of the application and sending it to the proper address. There are other important sections in a college application form that are to be filled out by the candidate.

1. Usually, the first section comprises of the personal information. Personal information includes the student’s name, place of birth and nationality, mailing and permanent addresses (when the two are different) and e-mail address.

2. The next section generally covers the major for which you wish to get admission. This can only include the subjects taught in the university. You need to include which session you want to start (summer, fall or spring).

3. The next section covers your educational details. If you are enrolled in any college or university program, you need to include it in the application form. Also the last college and degree program you have been enrolled in must be included in the application form as well as if you have received any diploma or certificate and honors you have received.

4. If you have a nationality that is not American, a member of the European Union or European Economic Area, you must pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 550 points (on the paper version) or 213 points (on the computer version).

5. The next requirement is the application essay. You need to write it on a separate sheet of paper. This essay often requests that you state the reasons you have chosen your desired program but some schools will give a list of topics that you can choose from. Generally, the essay is supposed to be 800-1200 words.

6. The following section covers the letters of recommendation which must be included with the application form.

7. The last section is the signature. You must not forget to sign your application and put the proper date on it.

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