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Contoh Curiculum Vitae Bahasa Inggris


Contoh Curriculum Vitae Bahasa Inggris – artikel kali ini tentang Curiculum Vitae atau CV sering disebut juga daftar riwayat hidup yang pada umumnya untuk menggambarkan atau menceritakan data pribadi seseorang yang meliputi riwayat pendidikan, pengalaman bekerja, skill kemampuan, hobby, dan alamat tempat tinggal.


Sample Curriculum vitae Administrative / Secretary


Surat Lamaran Kerja

519 S. 5th Street
Edinburg, Texas 78539
Phone: Home: (512) 383-6655
Office: (512) 381-22515


Research – Communication and Publications – Program Planning – Training

Assistant Professor in Department of History, Pan American University, Edinburgh, Texas.
Conduct classroom lectures, discussions, examinations; lead and coordinate seminars. Perform course design, involving research and organization. Serve on various committees – e.g., honors council and self-study committee for University reaccreditations-entailing research and writing activity. Handle diverse administrative duties, including coordination of interdepartmental honors program, supervision of research projects, student counseling, and recruitment.

Efforts have been instrumental in upgrading awareness of students in areas pertinent to fields of study: in attracting new students to school and department; and in improving personal skills in communication. Among accomplishments: Through course organization, coordinated library of visuals, and revised and modernized reading list, succeeded in revitalizing two honors courses that had suffered severe enrollment losses under predecessor. Through extensive independent research, formulated and implemented pioneering courses that have earned high standing among departmental offerings.

Assistant Professor at Fall View College, Falls View, Mississippi.
Following brief fill-in assignment during emergency situation at West Chester College, West Chester, Pennsylvania.
Performed teaching, research, administrative, and other functions similar to those above.

Previously, Graduate & Undergraduate Student; with concurrent employment (1989-1991) as Library Technician in information service for Free library of New York, and as Music Director for church.


Ph.D and A.M. degrees in American Civilization, from University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Recipient of Woodrow Wilson, University and Harrison Fellowships, 1991.

B.A. (with honors) in American Studies, State University of New York at Buffalo. Elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

Publications: Author of Essay “Containing Communism: the Art of Getting Along” in Reason; and of book reviews in American Quarterly.

Languages: Essential fluency in French; also some Spanish.


Will be furnished upon request.

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