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Before going for a job interview, it is important to prepare for it. I know it sounds obvious but you have no idea how many job applicants do not do any homework in regards to the Company they are applying for. Here are 7 job interview tips that you should take into consideration when you are applying for your next job.

1. Know Yourself
It is important that you know your strengths and weakness as your potential employer will likely ask you this question. Also your current Skill sets and character traits and think about how you can add value to the company.

2. Know the company
You should find out as much information you can about the company you are applying. Interviewers like job applicants who take an initiative to find out more about their company. You can research online, check company brochures or do some research at the local library for more information.

3. Your Job History
Prepare your work experience ahead of time and in details. All your education references as well as letters of references and samples of your work should be arranged before you attend the job interviewer. This step is important as most employers will probably ask you about their previous job experiences anyway.

4. Know the Questions
There are certain questions employers will most likely ask such as “Introduce yourself”, your job experiences and why did you left your previous company. It is best to prepare these questions mentally ahead of time so you do not “choke” on the spot when you are being questioned.

5. Punctuality
Make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before the job interview. Give yourself some allowances for traffic delays and unexpected circumstances. Being punctual gives a good impression and can help “calm your nerves”.

6. Your Attire
Your attire should also be appropriate for the position you are applying. If you are not sure, you can always call and ask.

7. Body Language
When you are being interviewed, your body language can tell a lot about you. Be firm and sit upright and be confident. Lastly, wear a simile on your face.

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